It’s the year 2420. Welcome to Ganymede…

…Where Ryde Holden is living a miserable life in prison, serving a long sentence for a crime he committed as a homeless young evosium addict. Then one day someone offers him a chance get out of jail early, as long as he will work for the Culebra, who act as a rough police force on the crime-ridden moons of Jupiter.

Ryde desperately wants this second chance at life to work out, but is shocked to discover his new boss is an alcoholic, who pairs him up with a violent thug called Leon.

Leon has a nasty temper and a hatred of evosium users so deep that Ryde knows his life will be in danger if his new colleague discovers his past.

Working with Leon is not easy, in addition to the man’s violence, Ryde has to put up with his inexplicable love of listening to Earthian teen-pop at high volume. But they have to learn how to get along with each other when they find the source of a new and more deadly form of evosium.

Can Ryde keep his past hidden? Will he find a place in his tough new world? It won’t be easy, and he will have to fight the return of his own addiction to a drug which kills its users…

Read an extract from Chapter one.

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