The World Of Evosium

Life in the outer system can be tough, but there’s plenty of fun to be had as well. Here’s a little background on the world of Evosium:

19069026659_e9e07f8fc4_zThe Jovian system has two fully habitable worlds: Ganymede and Calisto. Europa is too small to hold an atmosphere so residents of that moon live in life supporting domes, as the early settlers on Ganymede and Calisto once did.

On the oceanic Gganymedeanymede, people live on the rocky islands jutting out from the water. The large city islands of Helios and Garcia are vibrant and crowded places, but in Helios in particular there is a gulf between rich and poor: The rich live in luxury in skyscrapers where the dome of Helios once stood, and the poor, often immigrants from the inner solar system, are pushed to the edges and marginalised. There is no formal social support network in place so the poverty feeds crime and addiction, the worst of which is kept under control by the Culebra: The only form of publicly funded policing on the moons the Culebra is overworked, understaffed and not without problems of it’s own.

While life on Ganymede will be familiar to any Earthian, there are a few notable differences:

A descendent of the ferret, fimars were first taken to Ganymede for scientific research. They were raced by bored early settlers (there wasn’t much do in the early days of the domes) and this evolved into the sport of fimar racing.

Fimar race arenas are fun but rather sleazy venues where large quantities of alcohol are consumed. Fimars race in runs consisting of clear tubing criss-crossing the arenas, this makes for easy viewing while the patrons sit and drink. They are dyed to make it easily to tell them apart as they race.

Birds descended from a flock of pigeons illegally imported to Ganymede by an early settler. Exposed to only a fifth of Earth’s gravity they soon became much larger birds, their wing size unchanged but more than adequate for flight on Ganymede.

Despite being an unwanted addition to Gaymede’s fauna, Cavies have a role in clearing any food waste on the streets and converting it into a nutritious, if slight stringy, meat. Cavies are wary birds, but can be aggressive when needed: Meat of any form is a prized commodity in the Jovian system.

One of the genetically engineered species of fish designed to multiply in Ganymede’s cold oceans, pios are a nutritious source of vitamins and omega 3. They are a genetic engineering success story, so much so they have crowded out other life forms, and become a staple food.

Wealthier Ganymedians prefer rarer, much more expensive sea life such as the pink ryefish. Farmed food from Calisto is also popular with the rich. But over on the ocean-less Calisto, Pios are much more expensive and considered a delicacy.

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